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EyeGlass Exam:
Includes Basic Eye Health Evaluation and RX

Retinal Photo (Dilation included if needed): $30
Dr. Bonnin recommends a retinal photo annually in order to detect any changes in your health. This technology provides a more complete view of your eye health, similar to dilation, without the use of drops (in most cases). Retinal imaging provides a digital image for future eye care and improves the doctor’s ability to detect diseases

Contact Exam: $90-$125
Includes basic eye health evaluation, trial contacts, insertion and removal training, follow up care, glasses and contact prescriptions. Contact lens exam prices are based on type of prescription needed.

Eye Infection:
Includes medical prescription and followup care.

Followup Care Fees are included with the exam price as long as you schedule appointment within the time frame the Doctor perscribes.

We accept Cash, VISA, MC, AMEX, HSA and Debit Cards.