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Beautiful eyes start with proper eye hygiene. Many eye conditions are the result of irritants and debris in eyelashes. Makeup left behind, dust, pollen and pollution contribute to debris.  Eyelashes work hard all day to keep debris out. You can help your eyelids with daily cleansing of the eyelids and lashes.  Here you will find products specifically designed for eye hygiene.  These are safe to use around the eyes.  It’s like brushing and flossing.  Making eye hygiene a good habit is the secret to beautiful eyes!

Makeup is the most common culprit to eye infections, dry eye, and other eye conditions. Proper make up removal makes all the difference in your eye health. It’s a myth that eye makeup remover alone actually removes all the makeup. If you wake up in the morning with crusties in the corner of your eyes that is a good indication that makeup is left over from the night before!

Avoid products with oil. This includes coconut oil, baby oil, tea tree oil etc.  Oils wreck havoc with the oil glands in your eyelids and cause inflammation. Oils don’t clean, in fact coconut oil attract bugs! Oil is food for bugs!  Coconut oil is only making things worse.

Makeup Removal Steps to Beautiful Eyes

Makeup removers even oil-free removers don’t remove all the makeup.  They remove about 70% of it.  How do you get it all off?
True Guide to Eye Makeup Removal & Lash Cleansing will thoroughly and safely help you remove eye makeup and eliminate dry, itchy, scratchy eyes!

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