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New Mono-Vision & Multi-Focal Contact Lens Wearers

Mono-vision contact lens are prescribed to address the challenge of focusing both near and far. One contact lens is prescribed for near vision and the other is for distance. Multi-focal lenses are designed to provide clear vision at all distances. These lenses are bifocal or hybrid contact lenses allowing you to see both near and far.

  • Mono-Vision and Multi-Focals are a convenience so you don’t have to wear reading glasses as often. You should expect to be comfortable about 80% of the day compared to glasses.
  • 20% of the day you may not see as well because you’re tired, stressed, lighting isn’t good, or allergies are causing more or fewer tears etc. With mono-vision and multifocals your brain needs to work together with the contacts to be successful. Your brain has to constantly determine what part of the contact it needs to use and ignore the other depending on the situation. Distance vs. reading.

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