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What are cataracts?

It is clouding of the eye lens causing blurry vision.  The cloudiness develops over time.

What causes cataracts?

The aging process causes lenses to become less flexible and less transparent.  Medical conditions and prescriptions can cause eye tissue to breakdown.  The clouding becomes denser over time.

What is the solution?

We have products to help slow down the cataract process!

Cataract Care Plan

The Cataract Care Plan is designed to prevent or slow down cataracts and improve your vision. If you live long enough you will get cataracts because the crystalline lens loses flexibility and the ability to focus progressing to cloudiness and ultimately cataracts. Lifestyle habits like smoking, poor eating, and prescription medications can speed up progression of cataracts.
The good news is you have the control to slow it down! The crystalline lens needs oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants. The Cataract Care Plan provides the elements to nourish, as well as detoxify the lens and supplements the lens with vitamins and minerals for improved vision. In addition, your eyes get nutrients when you eat your fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water!

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