//Cataracts Aren’t Just for Those Over 60!

Cataracts Aren’t Just for Those Over 60!

A 55-year old woman gets a new fancy digital camera. It has an old fashion “viewfinder” which the photographer looks through to compose and focus the picture. The viewfinder is adjustable to ones’ eyeglass prescription. She takes off her glasses and looks through the viewfinder with her dominate eye and adjusts it only to find that none of the settings allowed her to see through the viewfinder. She tried the other eye and it worked like a charm. Why didn’t it work on the dominant eye?

Many people have cataracts forming in one or both eyes and don’t know it.

Other symptoms like night driving became a problem with oncoming car headlights looking like out-of-focus stars instead of straight headlight beams. The cars looked like they were on her side of the road! Does that mean no more night driving? Reading became a challenge and moving the book closer or farther away didn’t change her ability to read. Then she fell face down on the ground twice I the same week. Is it time for new glasses? Super frustrated at this point it was time for an eye exam!

To everyone’s surprise out of nowhere she had a cataract in just one eye! While it is not common for people under the age of 60 to get cataracts it isn’t impossible. One to two percent of all cataract patents are in there 40’s according to Dr. David Chang, from the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Many people have cataracts forming in one or both eyes and don’t know it. They start out with a little haziness to when you finally lose your depth of field and start falling down.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. At first you think it’s a dirty contact lens, then you think you need a new prescription. It feels like you are looking through a Vaseline-smudged window. It’s the normal course of aging. If you live long enough you will eventually get one. Cataract surgery is one of the most common operations performed in the US. There is no magical time when you should have surgery its when you reach the “annoyance threshold”.

If you have cleaned your contact lenses or can’t see through the “viewfinder” then it’s time for an eye exam. Your Optometrist can take a photo of your eye and see for sure what’s lurking back there. Then you can decide if you are annoyed enough to do something about it.

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Dr. Bonnin grew up in Appleton, WI and attended University of Wisconsin before heading off to Texas for his Optometry degree. Dr. Bonnin received his Optometry degree in 1974 from the University of Houston College of Optometry. He returned to Wisconsin to build his private practice in Manitowoc. In 1984 he moved to Arizona and continued to expand his practice where he kept busy with three offices. Dr. Bonnin has spent the last ten years with Costco at Spectrum Mall and in September of 2009 moved to open with the new Costco optometry office at Paradise Valley Mall. Dr. Bonnin has extensive experience in adult and pediatric eye care. He fits specialty glasses and contacts on a daily basis. Dr. Bonnin can provide the best care using the most state-of-the art technology available in vision health care. His experience with bi-focals, mono-vision (one contact lens), astigmatism and contacts after refractive surgery offers his patients the optimum in vision solutions. Dr. Bonnin diagnoses and treats eye infections and other eye irritants such as allergies, styes, pink eye, dry eyes, corneal abrasions, and minor foreign body removal. He will prescribe medication for infections and allergies as well.