//Notice Regarding Fake/Counterfeit Products

Notice Regarding Fake/Counterfeit Products

No one likes to be deceived. While we like and love Amazon’s convenience, it has become a haven for fake products, discontinued and expired products. We have had customers tell us their horror stories about buying such products in an effort to save a few dollars only to be hugely disappointed with rancid supplements, fake cosmetics and inferior service. 

Companies that don’t sell their inventory by the expiration date dump it on Amazon or eBay for quick sale. 

Supplements have expiration dates for a reason; the manufacturer has tested the stability of the product and knows exactly how long it will remain stable before going rancid. Companies that don’t sell their inventory by the expiration date dump it on Amazon or eBay for quick sale. If the price is too good to be true it mostly likely is an expired product. What looks like a deal really isn’t. 

We at the EyeDocStore want to assure you that every product we sell is 100% authentic. We purchase our inventory directly from the manufactures and don’t ever sell any expired products. These manufactures have rules regarding pricing. Many companies have a “Minimum Advertised Price” or MAP pricing policy. While we would like to discount prices we are many times unable to due to this policy. If we are caught selling below MAP the manufacturer has the right to close our account and we are unable to reorder. When you see products below this MAP price this is a good indication that you are getting a fake or expired product.

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